Take charge

23 Aug 2019


Sometimes we need a little wake-up call. Deep down we know that this life is full of endless possibilities and that most things are accessible to us if we really want them. We need a puch somethimes, and a reminder other times, and that's what I'm thinking I want to give to you today. I have just signed up for a marathon next year and feeling high on life. If I can chase my dreams, so can you.

Pack it right

26 Sep 2017

I love traveling but always hated packing my suitcases. I have just been at a loss for how to go about it, and I believe many people feel the sam way as me. I came across this video clip and decided to watch it properly to see if there was any info of real value in there, because come on - packing is packing, could there really be any hacks to make it easier. IF THERE ARE?! The clip has totally changed my relationship with packing altogether - it's no longer something I dread. Check it out!

Can't wait for winter

10 Jul 2017

I have just come back from two hot and sunny weeks in Greece and sure, it's a lovely place in so many ways but oh lord was it hot! I'm not made for heat, that's much for certain. I spent the days in my hotel room and only went out for a swin in the morning, and then again after five in the afternoon. The A/C unit worked 24 h throughout my whole stay. I don't think I will visit any of those Mediterranean countries at summertime any time soon again.

I prefer snow

Now I am longing for the upcoming winter holidays. I know winter is still far away, but I have decided to visit the Alps this year, Val Thorens to be specific. At those huge ski resorts you have everything you need and more - perfect skiing, crazy party nights and for evenings when there's no energy for party - cold beers in front of a cosy fireplace. I think my best travels have been to ski resorts, I just love everything about them.

The Alps

Im checking freeride.com and plan for next winter, they have all kinds of cool information from locations to snow report and powder finder. How cool? I have never been to Val Thorens before but I've heard all kinds of great things about that place and some of my friends feel like going there so I'll gladly tag along. 

Until then I'll just enjoy a - hopefully - cool summer right here.

Closet organization day

25 Jun 2017

I love having things in order at home but it seems like I canät keep up with myself, because nothing is ever in order. I have been so inspired now by all these girl bosses on Youtube so I think that I am going to spend all of this sweet Sunday organizing my bedroom and - most importantly - my closet. 

Online casino design concepts - a different take

9 Mar 2017

With the online gaming constantly growing in the last few years, we quite often see tens and even hundreds of new casinos opening every month in the UK only, let alone the rest of Europe. The problem with so many online casino brands available for players is that most of them look practically identical with black, dark green or red backgrounds, similar menus and game selections. There is nothing really unique about them at all in most cases. In a saturated market of today, most of the time this kind of approach to design and concepts of online casinos will probably not bring that much business.

On the other hand, we also see the rise of more conceptual, unusual, daring and simply different, sometimes more niche casino brands. And that certainly gives up hope. In this short overview, we'll mention just a few of our favourite online casinos that stand out from the crowd. In this article, we will only talk about the design, but if you wish to find out more about these casinos, their offers, welcome bonuses and game portfolios, check out casinohawks.com for the full reviews.

Casumo Casino

Let's take one very strong casino player on the market - Casumo Casino as an example. Instead of sticking to the safe and tested formulas, they made a decision to be different. And what might have seemed silly for some people at the beginning, ended up being quite successful. Here we have cute and fat Casumo characters, rainbows, unicorns and all sorts of colourful design elements that are all there to"erase the boredom". Casumo even releases its own comic strips. We're in!

Mr Green Casino

Another market veteran Mr Green casino and its success have proven that a bit of different thinking and effort can bring some amazing results. The casino is built around the mysterious Mr Green, who's always wearing a suit and a hat, covering his face and offering his players loads of special offers. Mr Green participates in every marketing campaign, and we really appreciate the design team efforts that go into creating every single banner at Mr Green Casino. 

Rizk Casino 

Rizk might have taken some inspiration from Mr Green, but it also created a casino with the main character Captain Rizk and his dog Lucky. Both of them are cool and generous, and all the time run some interesting tournaments and promotions for the players. Using red and yellow bold colours and the Superhero theme, Rizk casino stands out from the crowd and makes great efforts with their copywriting, which is always a plus.

Ikibu Casino

One of the newcomers on the market, Ikibu Casino is based around the Japanese Adventure theme. Ikibu is not just a casino; it is presented as a remote imaginary island populated with Ikkis, who look a bit like monkeys. Players are encouraged to take part in a lot of tournaments, discover new territories, fight with various Ikki tribes and earn seeds which are a local casino currency, which can be exchanged for more free spins. 

Royal Panda Casino

Royal Panda Casino has been around for a while, and they have a fair share of players, and one of the reasons for that is because they were not afraid to choose a cute furry panda with a crown on its head as the casino mascot. Everyone loves pandas so we can understand the attraction. While being quite cartoonish and maybe childish, this casino actually has a very decent game selection and generous promotions as well.

Kaboo Casino

Kaboo opened in 2014 and decided to create a parallel universe of a casino that would satisfy the desires of hard-core video gamers. It has a dark, heavy theme with loads of black and dark green colours and a strong sci-fi, cosmic, fantasy feel to it. This is not your average cheerful and colourful casino, but the niche darkness seems to have worked for them pretty well.